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Psychological Landscape

Sabaku no Gaara's Journal

Sabaku no Gaara
19 January
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Personal Info
History / Bio
Name: Sabaku no Gaara
Nickname: Gaara
Age: 19
Birthday: January 19
Sign: Capricorn

Year in School:
Major: BA Fine Arts

Minor: BA Anthropology
(Archaeology and
Folklore Studies)

Class schedule

+ abstract
» nights
» moon
» wind
» blood
+ art
» sand
» sculptures
   » painting
   » digital art
+ computers
» internet
   » blogging
   » coding
+ books / literature
» mythology
   » folklore
   » psychological
   » classics
   » manga

+ films
» classics
   » horror
   » psychological thrillers
   » film noir

+ gadgets
» cellphone
   » SLR camera
   » watch
» MP3 player
+ music
» gregorian chants
» light rock
   » rhythmic

+ loud noises
+ mess
+ bright colors
+ glazed chestnuts

+ reading
+ sculpting
+ watching the moon
+ listening to music
+ photography

animal // tanuki
food // tongue
game // shooting games
place // my room
place #2 // college park

Sabaku no Gaara is the youngest son of the Sabaku family. The Sabaku clan originated from Japan, but later migrated to Dubai, a city and country in the United Arab Emirates. They returned to Japan in the 1980s.

More on the Sabaku family...

When his father became Kazekage, he was often too busy with his career to care for his mother Karura, a woman with weak constitution. After his sister and brother were born, Gaara's mother started showing schizophrenic symptoms.

While Gaara was still in her womb, his mother started exhibiting multiple personalities- the most prominent being a self-proclaimed demon called Shuukaku. She died on the way to the hospital on the night Gaara was born. Her dead body was the first thing Gaara saw. He was born bloody and eerily silent, the incident also being the first time he tasted blood.

The culture and society of Dubai is seeped with tradition and folklore. The family still retains their beliefs even when they moved to Japan. Consequently, Gaara was labeled as Shuukaku's demon child even by his own family members. Some even said that he is possessed by Shuukaku; that his mother's split personality transferred to him when she died. His dark red hair was questioned since neither his father nor his mother had the gene in their families.

Gaara was ostracized by his peers for his strange features and unstable personality. He had trouble sleeping, and had gained dark rings around his eyes. His hairless brows, which he inherited from his great-grandfather, made him look even stranger. His personality became introverted, and he never learned how to act like a normal child. This followed him into his teen years. Gaara would perform the social actions he observed and learned from other people, but he could never understand the meaning behind them.

Though the family never allowed their shady dealings to be discovered, Gaara's father was still a politician. As a politician's son, he was additionally hated for his wealth and supposed fame.

During the first three years of his life, Gaara was raised by his uncle, Yashamaru. The man was the only one who treated Gaara as a normal child. But one night, his uncle started peeling some desert fruit for him and told him that if he hadn't been born, his sister would still be alive. Yashamaru attacked him with the knife and carved the symbol of love on his forehead. He would have killed him if Gaara hadn't run. Yashamaru tripped on the teddy bear Gaara had in his murderous haze. It was just chance that Gaara picked up the knife at the same time that Yashamaru lunged at him. The man ran into the knife and died telling Gaara that he never loved him.

Gaara was found later on by his sister Temari. He was covered in Yashamaru's blood. The wound on his forehead eventually turned into a scar that never fully healed.

Ever since then, Gaara started exhibiting some of his mother's symptoms. He would have compulsive tendencies to maim both animate and inanimate objects. His siblings withdrew even more from him, though they were the only ones who could reach him during his moments.

Gaara had gained an obsession over blood, though he himself had never experienced pain except for the throbbing of his scar when Shuukaku took control.

There were blank moments in his life when Shuukaku took over. Gaara killed a classmate when he was 12 years old, the first time Shuukaku took full control of him. Instead of punishing him, his father encouraged the behavior by having him train as a hitman under Baki.

Although Gaara has taken part in many 'threat' missions, he has only killed six men in his life and every time, he let Shuukaku take over him.
One of the men was a family member.

Gaara's unstable personality made him useless to his father, who stopped sending him on missions ever since. He is now still considered as part of the family, but generally treated as an outsider. He doesn't visit the main house anymore, and prefers to have nothing to do with the family again.

As he grew older, his black-outs came less and less. His personality had also reverted to a more stable state. Although Gaara still refuses or doesn't know how to interact with other people, he eventually became closer to his siblings.

Now in college, Gaara took a particular liking to sculptures. His medium is sand, though he dabbles in cement sculptures. He also took up some Anthropology subjects after he found out that there really was a demon named Shuukaku in Dubai's folklore, from a book in the family's library.
Gaara is a quiet boy. His demeanor often intimidates those he meets. When someone attempts to talk to him, he may or may not reply. But the brevity of his replies belies their content.

Gaara rarely speaks without analyzing the question or situation beforehand. He has a habit of obsessing over little things. He also does what he wants without considering what other people might think. Though he avoids doing certain things (like taking things from other people) that he gets in trouble for. He only knows the basics of social interaction and norms. When placed under extreme duress, he may let Shuukaku take over.



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